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About us

I was fired after being a mother! But it was exactly at this moment that I discovered myself as a digital entrepreneur, and the blog “Integramente Mãe” was born!

This site was born along with my rebirth, after the birth of my son.

Motherhood ends up bringing other points of view, other functions to women. And “Fully, Mother” was born in this moment of transition.

Here you can see the daily challenges of a mother who seeks to balance care and priorities with the family, home, organization, care and raising children, as well as super useful subjects for future mothers, such as pregnancy, baby layette and the like.

It also has content on entrepreneurship, party decoration or even that kitchen or baby room. And I almost forgot to mention that everything that worked here, I indicate in the form of reviews and indications!!

I invite you to follow our profile on instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest. There I share our daily moments with extra tips about everything that involves our life as a mother!

who writes

My name is Hellen Xavier, I am married to Paulo and Estêvão, our little one was born on 04/01/2014.


I am an architect, I worked in companies and institutions until my son was two years old.

After that, I’m reinventing myself every day, taking care of the home, my son and architecture still accompanies me every now and then.

My life added new points of view after the birth of Estevão. I always loved to read and write, and the birth of

my son contributed a lot for this old habit to be reborn in a decisive way in my life.

I like to read and test the information I’ve read, and still point out my point of view about it.

Motherhood did that, although this habit has always been with me.

Being a mother is very difficult and in fact it has been like a video game: more difficult with each new phase!

But still, it’s worth every sleepless night, every smile transmitted by my son, every lap or hug he asks for!

I look forward to being a mother for the second time, but I already feel immensely happy to be able to share this good news when the time comes.

Until then, I’ll be gathering my experiences (and sharing them with you) and still enjoying my

Estêvão, as if it were the last day of his life, and mine!